Facebook has long since been the number one most popular and commonly accessed social media networking site. And today, with more than a billion users, there is no need to ask why more and more business owners now consider it to be a crucial tool in their marketing and advertising methodologies. However, there is so much more to do with this particular social media site than just creating a fan page on it, putting content under the “about” tab, and posting photos or videos. Yes, these are important parts of utilizing Facebook as a marketing platform, but they are not enough. This is where garnering significant numbers of Facebook fan page likes comes into play.

There are a lot of extremely viable reasons as to why getting an impressive number of Facebook likes on your business’ fan page is very important. For you to understand why, take a look at the reasons below.

Reason No. 1: Considerably Enhance the Popularity of Your Business Fan Page

Much thanks to the “like” feature integrated by Facebook on its pages, users can let other users know whether they “like” something they see. If they don’t then they will just move on to other pages. If a particular fan page has thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of likes, this will automatically impact the perception of users. They will easily assume that this page is worth checking out, because of its popularity with other Facebook users. So if your fan page has this great number of likes, you are sure to garner the interest of people who haven’t had the chance to check out your page yet.

Reason No. 2: Increase Your Chances of Reaching Your Target Market Exponentially

One of the greatest benefits of the like feature on Facebook is that the action itself gets publicized. What does this mean? It simply means that when a Facebook user likes your fan page or any of its contents (status updates, photos, videos, and notes), it will show up on their timeline. So with this being said, the friends of the person who did the “liking” will see it immediately. It is highly possible that many of them will be interested to know why their friend liked your page or its contents so they will head to your page to see for themselves.

And as more and more people see that you are getting so many Facebook fan page likes, the more and more users will want to visit your page. This increases your chances of reaching out the consumers that your business is particularly targeting. Soon, you will experience a growth in the number of prospective clients. Once this happens, proceed with your other effective marketing strategies so that you can secure them as paying customers.

These are just two of the top reasons as to why you need to increase the number of likes that you get on your Facebook fan page. Fortunately, you do not have to waste a lot of time just trying to convince people to like your page as well as its contents. The fastest way to get more Facebook fan page likes is to buy Facebook likes from a highly reliable online source.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. It celebrates a player’s individual skill as well as their ability to prosper in a doubles match, which requires players to play harmoniously together to best their competition. Tennis is very similar to the game of golf because players do not just battle their opponents; they have to battle against the terrain that they play on.

As you may be aware there are different types of courts such as grass and clay that present an obstacle to tennis players because they must alter their style of play whenever they play on these kinds of courts. Some players are skilled at playing clay as opposed to grass, and others; vice versa. The truly skilled tennis players are those who can play on both courts and still dominate.

The French Open and Wimbledon are examples of tournaments that are played on clay and grass courts respectively. These grand slam tournaments are prestigious tournaments that earn the most points for a tennis player to improve their world ranking. In 2014, the top 5 tennis players for men in the world are:


•    Novak Djokovic- The number 1 ranked men’s tennis player in the ATP tour is Novak Djokovic with a total of 13,130 points amassed in 18 tournaments played. Djokovic, who grew up idolizing the mighty Pete Sampras has shown himself to be worth of being number 1 as he had a 28-match winning streak, 14-consecutive grand slam semi-finals appearances, and 13 consecutive top 10 wins. Amazing indeed.

•    Rafael Nadal- The pride of Spanish tennis, Rafael Nadal placed second in this year’s ranking with a total of 12,670 points behind only Djokovic’s 13,130. The Spaniard even captured his 27th ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title and fourth Madrid crown in the month of May and reached ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Rome final for the ninth time, losing to Djokovic. On July, he then withdrew from ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments at Toronto and Cincinnati due to a right wrist injury

•    Roger Federer- Coming in at number 3 is Roger Federer with a point total of 6,070 points. The Swiss legend beat number one Djokovic in the 2012 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Cincinnati final. He then had an 11-match winning streak until March where he lost to Djokovic. Federer had to withdraw from the ATP tour to be with his wife who gave birth to their third chilc in May.

•    Stan Wawrinka- Another son of Switzerland, the fourth seed is Stan Wawrinka, who has amassed 5,770 points in 20 tournaments played. The highlights 2014 for Wawrinka includes a 300-wins career match total and his first ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title at Monte-Carlo with a three-set win over fellow Swiss player, Roger Federer.

•    Tomas Berdych- Rounding up the top 5 men’s tennis players of the year is Tomas Berdych with 4,410 points in 24 matches played. The native of Czech Republic has had a 2014 with his second ATP World Tour doubles trophy, an 11-match winning streak, and yet another visit to the  ATP World Tour Masters 1000 SFs (or better) for the third time in Miami, Florida.

Tennis is one of the best sports in the history of sports. It is a game of individual and team prowess as the game can be played on a singles and doubles setting. The game is not just about hitting the ball; rather, it is about strategy, patience, and reaction. This is why it is easy to see why many people worship this game.

Sports are normally team games, wherein individuals must join to become one. Tennis celebrates individualism, which appeal to many people who wish to embark on a sports journey on their own.

Tennis is a very intricate sport that requires mastery of both physical and mental abilities. It is a very classy game that requires players to act dignified and proper, much like the game of golf. If you have never tried playing this sport, you may be missing out on quiet a lot. It is indeed a beautiful game that all people should try.

The best way to learn the sport is to immerse yourself completely in the game. Learn the game from licensed professionals who love the game. Take a holiday trip that centers on tennis. A great suggestion would be to take a tennis travel package in New England, where tennis is alive and prospering.

New England is known for many things all across the U.S. One of them is being a haven for tennis camps that people all over the world can attend to learn the game of tennis or to refine their already existent games.

Travelling to attend a tennis camp in New England is a worthwhile experience that even non-tennis practitioners will enjoy as they will be surrounded by beautiful mountains, sandy beaches, and the most relaxing weather that they have ever experienced. To make matters even better is that these travel packages allow people with all sorts of financial budget constraints to be able to afford a tennis holiday for themselves and their families.

What to expect when attending tennis travel holiday in New England

There are many things that you and your family may look forward to when attending a tennis holiday in New England. These things will make your trip an unforgettable experience that you will treasure for life.

•    Comfortable Accommodations- New England is well known for having friendly and warm people. When you stay in any of the tennis travel holidays here, you will be booked in comfortable hotels with all of the amenities that all tennis players dream of such as clay and grass courts, Indoor courts, shuttle services, and pro shops. For people who do not wish to play tennis, there are other activities that you can do such as golf, hiking, biking, fishing, and boating.

•    Food- New England is famous for their food. In your stay here, you will have access to appetizers such as fried clams, New England clam chowder, cheese, and lobster rolls to main courses such as clam bakes, and New England Lobster, which is the pride of all of New England.

•    Entertainment- If you get bored inside your hotel, there are so many activities that you can do in New England. You could go shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, etc. If you are music aficionado, there are many parks and music venues all around town that will have your favorite genre of music playing.

Wimbledon is the most prestigious grand slam tennis tournament in the world. It is a known fact that all tennis players have dreamed of hoisting the Wimbledon Grand Slam trophy at one point or another in their professional careers.

The tournament is the oldest of four grand slam tournaments that include the U.S, French, and Australian Opens. This tournament is so rich in tradition, that players must all wear white whenever they compete. In terms of prize money, this tournament comes in second a total of $1.8 million dollars to whoever wins. It is the rich history and tradition of this tournament that makes this the most prestigious as players do not care all that much about the prize money.

Winning Wimbledon is like winning an Academy Award for best actor or actress. Winning the Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament cements a player’s greatness and acts as their number one career achievement, which they will take with them to the tennis Hall of Fame. It is simply that prestigious. This is why qualifying for Wimbledon is very difficult for professionals. Let us take a closer look at what pros must do to qualify.

Qualifying for Wimbledon is no easy feat as players of all ranks vie to be able to qualify for the most prestigious tennis grand slam tournament of all time. To qualify, players must gather in England where the qualifying rounds are held. Each qualifying round is held in Roehampton, which provides the same Wimbledon vibe as the courts resemble the legendary tournament. Here, fans and spectators are able to watch their favorite tennis players compete against each other to qualify for the tournament.

•    In order to ultimately qualify for the tournament, players must choose if they are entering the singles or doubles tournament. If they enter the singles tournament, they must endure 3 rounds to qualify. The qualifying rounds will allow 12 women and 16 men to move forward, depending if they win all three of their qualifying rounds. Those with the best records will naturally place higher as the tournament occurs.

•    If players decide to enter in the doubles there will be a total of 8 men and 8 women who will move on.

•    There are also tennis players who will be called on to play in the event that other qualifiers must drop out of the race due to injury. The replacement tennis players are chosen on their world rankings. This is why they too must practice as hard as ever because if they win the tournament, it would be a fairly tale of a story for their careers.

There have been numerous of Cinderella stories in the History of Wimbledon. To play in this tournament is a complete honor for any tennis player. Keep in mind that the best players of tennis’ past have all dreamt of one day hoisting up that trophy. To many of them, that trophy defined their career.

One of the best sports in history is tennis. This game celebrates both individual and team play as you can either play singles or doubles. The single’s game, like golf, is a test of skill, patience, and strategy as players try to outduel each other to dictate the game. Normally, those who dictate the game the most is often the victor.

For doubles, teams must sync with each other in order to outduel the other team. It is the team that plays harmoniously together that comes out the winner. Tennis is a reaction game, wherein players dictate the game with every swing of their racket. It is an equal distribution of advantage and disadvantage to both server and receiver respectfully. In a sense, the game is both action and reaction, with players having only a millisecond to response and try to sway the game to their advantage, as this is the only way to win.

There are many tennis tournaments, wherein professional players try to win, as they vie for the number one ranking in the world. One of the most prestigious tennis tournaments aside from Wimbledon is the U.S Open. This is why this tournament is often marked on every player’s calendar. Here is how professional players qualify for the U.S Open.

Qualifying for the U.S open is a very herculean task for both seasoned professionals and new players of the game looking to have a great career. The reason for this is because of the grand prize money of $1.8 million that no player minds having and because it is a prestigious tournament that will look good in any professional resume.

To qualify for the Open, you will need your current U.S Tennis Association membership and you will need to pay tournament entry fees. Then the process of qualifying will go as follows.

•    There are 16 sectional competitions that are held all over the U.S. If you win any of these competitions, you will advance. If you are a seeded player in the world ranks, this can also work on your behalf as you may become a wild card, who will play if any player has to forfeit playing.

•    Those who won the 16 sectional competitions will play a 16 player tournament together with the top four seeded players in the world. The tournament winners will go on to advance to the U.S Open Qualifying tournament, which is the second step before playing in the actual U.S Open.

•    If you win the proceeding matches ahead of you, you will qualify for the actual tournament, which will feature the world’s top tennis players competing for the trophy.

The U.S Open Tournament is at par in terms of prestige with the Australian Open, The French Open, and Wimbledon. All professional players bring their A-game whenever they play in these tournaments. If you are looking to win, you must overcome all odds and believe in yourself. It is very possible.

2014 is a good year for tennis. With favorites gaining the top positions in both male and female categories, the game has never been at better hands as each player represents the game with elegance and class that only the game deserves. These ambassadors of the game have taken tennis to new levels of popularity that have made Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Steffi graff, and Martina Navratilova proud. So without further adieu, let us take a look at the Female players who have dominated the Association of Tennis Professionals World tour or ATP.

The world of tennis has a history that has been dominated by both men and women. The women players of today’s game have taken the game to new heights of popularity as more and more women are playing the game as early as they are in their formative ages. It is great for a sport to reach both men and women because it shows that the sport has an appeal for both sexes. It also gives people of both sexes an ability to strive for more as they learn the sport and try to master its nuances. The best female tennis players of 2014 are:

•    Serena Williams- The number one ranked female tennis player in 2014 is the amazing Serena Williams, who has long dominated female tennis for some years now. This American tennis champion has amassed 9700 points in 17 tournaments. Her achievements in 2014 include her 58th WTA title in Brisbane in January and her 59th WTA Title in Miami in March.

•    Na Li- This native of Wuhan, China is the pride of China women’s tennis as she secured the number 2 world ranking this year. With a point total of 6,960 points in 14 matches Na Li has had a wonderful 2014 as this includes her 8th WTA title in Shenzen and a quarter final appearance in Madrid against Maria Sharapova in May.

•    Simona Halep- The third entry on this list is a native of Constanta, Romania as she has earned a total of 6,785 points in 21 tournaments played. Her 2014 achievements include her 7th WTA title at Doha in February, 1st runner up to Maria Sharapova in May, and her 8th WTA Title at Bucharest in July.

•    Petra Kvitova- it seems that there are two members of the Czech Republic that round up the top 5 players in both men and women’s tennis this year as Tomas Berdych and Petra Kvitova both made the top 5 list. Petra Kvitova, who is a native of Bilovec, Czech Republic has amassed a total of 6,050 points in over 19 tournaments played. Her achievement for this year includes a grand slam championship in Wimbledon in June.

•    Agnieszka Radwanska- The last entry on the top 5 list for women is Agnieszka Radwanska, who earned 5,120 points in 21 tournaments played.