Professional athletes and gym buffs are consistently looking for workout programs that will improve their overall performance as well as fitness level. If you are a fan of BeachBody workout programs, then you may have already heard or even tried out Insanity by Shaun T. The good news is that BeachBody and fitness guru, Shaun T is coming out with the latest version of his world-famous program – Insanity Max 30.

Thousands of people have been waiting anxiously for the Insanity Max 30- an at-home workout system that promises to deliver explosive routines with great results. It’s a 30-minute fitness bootcamp that will change your body for the better in less than 60 days. Insanity has always been renowned for its insane moves and its ability to offer weight loss results fast. Insanity Max 30 is an innovative and mega-intensive exercise system that will help you lose the excess fats, while building lean muscle, strength, and stamina to name a few. If you want to push yourself to the limit, grab the Insanity Max 30 as soon as it hits online stores!

Insanity Max 30 vs past Insanity versions and Focus T25

As the name implies, Insanity Max 30 is a thirty-minute workout regime, which means users are expected to follow all moves in great form within thirty uninterrupted minutes. It has all the elements of past Insanity regimes, but has a few unique features of its own.

For one, the Insanity Max 30 has 150 new moves on top of tried-and-tested exercises from previous Insanity videos. Overall, the new Insanity is challenging and stimulating in that you will find yourself pushing harder by the day to gain better results.

This is not for the faint hearted as Insanity Max 30 employs the Max Out training philosophy. Quitting will not be a word in your dictionary as Insanity Max 30 will inspire you all the more to push your mind and body to its maximum every session. As the moves included in this brand new workout program are extremely intense, users will observe small, but significant changes daily. With these minor, but obvious improvements, you will be motivated all the more to exercise harder every single day. With Insanity Max 30, you will outdo yourself as days pass, because you want real results in 60 days.

The Insanity Max 30 workout program is subdivided into two phases:

  • Month 1- first 30 days of this fitness bootcamp follows this pattern:

The format starts with twenty-second intense moves with ten-second rest periods in between. This is essentially a combination of Tabata and HIIT style of working out. With brief, intensive moves with only short periods of recovery. The metabolic state during the fitness bootcamp is increased, thereby inducing weight loss.

  • Month 2- Last 30 days

During the second phase of Insanity Max 30, the insane workouts do not become easier, as the moves become crazier than before. It is encouraged to go beyond 30 minutes by following the additional workouts that come with the purchase of the Insanity Max 30 kit.



BeachBody’s Body Beast is an at-home workout program designed to build muscles and bulk up the body in 90 days. Naturally, men who desire to get ripped and jacked switch to this workout program to get the best results. But what consumers need to know is that Body Beast was not made with only men in mind. Women who have successfully achieved their ideal weight through weight loss, and desire to showcase a leaner frame should try out the Body Beast workout system too.

Women can enjoy a host of benefits from trying out the 90-day Body Beast workout program. Past female clients who have successfully completed this system are now living happier and heathier lives. Aside from building a leaner physique, women using the Body Beast system enjoy eating more without having to worry about weight gain, while at the same time looking sexier than ever before. If you are a woman looking for a bodybuilding workout that works, the Body Beast is guaranteed to deliver significant body building results and so much more!

Yet another benefit of implementing Body Beast is that of establishing comfort in lifting weights at the comfort of your own home. Men and women may also use these routines at the gym for an optimized whole body workout. And with the Body Beast mobile app that comes in every purchase, you can take your favorite exercise routines with you wherever you go!

A typical Body Beast workout lasts for at least 45 minutes. If you decide to workout at home, you can save a lot of time, and avoid the hassle of driving to and from the gym too.

Body Beast is also ideal for beginners; individuals with no experience in lifting weights altogether. Unlike intensive bodybuilding at the gym, Body Beast was formulate to ease its users into a comprehensive and effective workout routine.

Can Body Beast Make You Lose Weight?

The Body Beast program is made up of two plans, namely Lean Beast and Huge Beast. As the name implies, Lean Beast is for people who are looking to eliminate all unwanted fats whilst gaining a little bit of muscle in different regions of the body. It makes use of the dynamic Beast Cardio that allows you she extra weight, while building lean muscle mass too. Huge Beast on the other hand is a program that as designed for men and women who want to bulk up, and increase the body size significantly through implementation of intense bodybuilding routines.

Body Beast Equipment

As Body Beast packages do not include the equipment needed to execute the routines properly, users are recommended to prepare them before starting on the first phase of the Body Beast system:

  • Dumbbell set featuring weights in various sizes (5 to 25 lbs)
  • Adjustable workout bench
  • Stability ball
  • Pull up bar
  • EZ barbell
  • Resistance bands

According to FeleOnline, women who have completed the 90-day Body Beast system were able to gain as much as 10 pounds of lean muscles. In addition, their body fat percentage were greatly reduced, with a large majority boasting body fat percentage as low as 12%.

Cheltenham Zone is a website that functions as a comprehensive guide to one of the most prestigious horse races in the world, the Cheltenham Festival. It aims to be an indispensable guide when looking for promising horses that can possibly win during next year’s Festival happening on March 10-13, 2015.

This race horse extravaganza happening in Prestbury Park is is made up of 27 races, featuring up to 500 horses and up to £500 million in placed bets over the course of four days. Cheltenham Zone contains all information and facts that you need to know about the most exciting four days in the horse race and jump calendar year.

In this article, we will provide you with great Cheltenham Festival tips which resulted in some unforgettable races from Cheltenham Festival of previous years.

2014 Festival Winners

  • For the Supreme Novices’ Hurdle, it was Ruby Walsh’ Vautour that won by great lengths at 6/1. The triumph was inevitable despite signs of weakness behind Vautour a few weeks prior to the Festival.
  • The Champion Hurdle of this year presented Hurricane Fly as one of the probable winner of the race despite advancing age. Many took a chance with Jezki at a very nice price due to his excellent form and frame. In the end, Jezki beats My Tent or Yours in a thriller ending of 9/1.
  • The 2014 Neptune Investment Hurdle selection was tight. It was not surprising that Mullin’s stable star, Faugheen was the banker for the Festival week. Faugheen ended hacking up by over four lengths at 6/4.
  • For the Coral Cup, one of Nicky Henderson’s champs was forecasted to win each-way. Luckily, Whisper wins at 14/1 at the Coral Cup.
  • The JLT Novices’ Chase featured Jonjo O’Neill’s star Taquin Du Seuil as winner at 7/1. Despite the ugly weather, the selection enjoyed a triumphant won nonetheless.
  • The Ryanair Chase for 2014 was a thrilling exhibition of grace and power as Dynaste, a favorite, won at 3/1. As David Pipe’s flag bearer, he is one monster of a horse that can win any chase at any time.
  • It was Mullin’s Don Poli that successfully won the Martin Pipe Handicap at a whopping 12-1

Aside from a review from past Cheltenham Festival races, there are also unique articles that race goers need to know prior to arriving at the event, and placing bet on horses too.

Cheltenham Zone also pays attention to winning patterns that develop through the years. This makes it easier for bookmakers to set up a standard price, and allow for punters to place their bets on horses that enjoy high chances of winning during next year’s four-day event.

Aside from Cheltenham Festival tips it also provides proper etiquette and behavior when attending this spectacular race horse event. For instance, there is no dress code when attending the Festival, however it is advised to wear casual and comfy garb and footwear to fully enjoy watching and roaming around the grounds during the Festival.

Women are commonly bombarded with a myriad of options when they go to the nail salons for manicure and pedicure services. There’s the regular manicure that involves the application of regular lacquer polish onto the nail beds.

Then we have the luxurious and extravagant nail acrylic extensions that women opt for that classy and polished look.

The last option added to the list of products and service for nail grooming is that of the use of nail gel polish. This product is relatively new, but has steadily grown in popularity in the last two years. Due to the high demand for gel nail polish, it is now the top nail care product that women from all across the globe are choosing to make their nails look beautiful.

In this article, we will discuss the two most popular nail care products, namely acrylic nail extensions and gel nail polish. By featuring, these two nail grooming techniques, we hope to shed light on the benefits of opting for gel nail polish.

Acrylic Nails- Overview

Acrylic nail application involves gluing a thin plastic tip on top of the nail bed. An acrylic solution is then layered on top of the plastic to make it thick and even. The acrylic solution usually dries up and hardens in 15 minutes. This technique used to be the most popular method for nail enhancement. Beyond the sheer beauty of acrylic nails, there are also drawbacks to its application:

  • Acrylics are very expensive. They are known to be more costly to get than regular lacquer polish application as well as gel nail polish application.
  • Long and tedious application process. Women who usually opt for acrylics devote hours to get beautiful nails. Depending on the skill level of nail technician, a session of acrylic nail application for the hands may take one hour or more.
  • Women with acrylic nails are more prone to developing infections due to the porous nature of the acrylic solution. Bacteria easily enters the space between the nail bed and the acrylic layer, thus inducing fungal or bacterial infection.

Gel Nails- Overview

Gel nail polish are thick formulations that function the same way as regular nail varnish and acrylic nail extensions. They are directly applied onto the nail bed, and are layered just like traditional lacquer polish. Gel nail polish application involves the use of a UV lamp which acts as a drying or curing medium to make polish dry and harden within minutes.

  • Gel nail polish dries quicker making it possible for women to use their hands normally even after application
  • They remain shiny and vibrant for many weeks
  • The application of gel nails is similar to regular nail polish application. Gel nail polish comes in three types, namely base coat, colored polish, and top coat. After the application of each layer, the nails are placed under the UV lamp for proper curing. It only take less than an hour to paint the nails on both hands.
  • Gel nail polish is cheaper. Nuluv, one of the best-selling gel nail polish brands, are sold for under $100 which includes a portable UV lamp and three bottle of gel nail polish in cool and bold colors.


When you buy the P90 workout designed by legendary fitness instructor Tony Horton, what you have is one of the most effective workout programs in the planet. This program consists of 3 exercise phases that will help you burn fat and gain muscles dramatically. Another important service that this 90 day program does for your body is to build cardiovascular endurance, which is perhaps even more difficult than building muscles. Here is a P90 review on how the program improves your cardiovascular endurance.

Aerobic exercises

Cardiovascular exercise is very crucial to improving your heart functions. Cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming, and cycling are all suitable examples of this type of exercises. Another form of exercise is aerobic exercises, which the P90 workout program has in abundance. Aerobic exercises are high intensity exercises that you perform many repetitions or intervals. Aerobic exercises improve cardiovascular endurance by:

  • It increases the volume of oxygen that you body is capable of holding. By increasing your oxygen intake, you avoid experiencing shortness of breath which can lead to easy fatigue.
  • It improves the ability of your heart to pump blood to the rest of your body.
  • It allows your body to release endorphins that are crucial for mood regulation.

Plyometric Exercise

Another cardiovascular exercise that the P90 has in abundance is plyometrics. Plyometric exercises can be defined as any exercise that you perform where your feet leave the ground and you have to repeat the process numerously. When you mix both aerobic and plyometric exercise, your entire cardiovascular system benefits greatly. It also strengthens your leg and feet muscles accordingly.

Breathing Exercises

As fundamental as it sounds, breathing exercises are crucial to improving your cardiovascular endurance. The simple act of breathing in slowly during working out allows your lungs to expand. This is very healthy for your lungs because it improves your lung capacity for air. Breathing exercises are also very useful because they keep a healthy amount of oxygen circulating in your body. The best way to improve your breathing is when you are getting tired from exercising. Try your best to regulate your breathing even when you feel like breathing in and out rapidly. This should improve your cardiovascular endurance significantly.

Adequate Rest

One of the most overlooked techniques at cardiovascular health improvement is getting sufficient rest. If you know that you are going to train using the P90, it is essential to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping allows your body to heal itself from muscle tear, ligament strain, and even injury. It also allows you to be mentally fresh so that you can maintain focus of your fitness goals.

Bottom Line

While there are many P90 reviews on how the program is effective, this review is useful because it teaches you how to endure the program’s strenuous exercises. You may be the strongest person in the world but if you cannot endure cardiovascular exercise, this program will not be useful to you.

Initially proposed in 2013, the Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP) was developed to lure high-net worth individuals from other nations to seek residency in the country of Malta. Together with immediate family members, applicants not only enjoy residency in the beautiful country of Malta, but right of establishment on all 28 European Union-member nations, including Switzerland.

After all the amendments made to the Malta Individual Investor Program, this law is now being implemented and the reception from foreign investors are indeed promising.

As the scheme has been approved by legislation under the Maltese Parliament, interested applicants need to satisfy the following general rules under Malta Individual Investor Program:

  • Payment of contribution amounting to €650,000 for principal applicants. According to the proposed investment citizenship program, 70% of this contribution will be directed to the country’s national development fund.
  • Applicants on their way to receiving naturalization as citizen of Malta should purchase a residential property with net worth of €350,000 or lease a property worth €16,000 annually under a five-year contract.
  • Principal applicants need to invest at least €150,000 of their money to Maltese bonds, stocks, and shares for at least five years.

Fast Approval of Citizenship

The newly-implemented Malta citizenship program for investors requires applicants to pay a separate fee for preliminary screening.  The Malta IIP states that applicants who successfully process their papers, payments, and purchase of investments in the country can obtain citizenship in as little as three months. Applicants are required to live in Malta for a specified period of time, but not 12 months in order to be granted citizenship. Flying to Malta to process fees and investments for a few times suffice as recorded residency in the country.  This Malta Immigration laws are strictly followed by officials, thus guaranteeing quality of screening among applicants who want to join this small, but prosperous nation located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Maltese Citizen- Instant Access and Residency to EU Countries

As Malta has been a member of the European Union for many years now, its citizens enjoy the same privileges and benefits that other EU nations enjoy. For one, investors living in non-EU European countries, and those coming from Asia, South America, North America, and Australia are automatically granted the chance to assume residency in any of the 28 countries of the European Union.

Limited Slots for Malta Individual Investor Program

Although this scheme by the Maltese Government has attracted many of the rich and famous from around the globe, it states that the Malta Immigration will only approve investor citizenship for up to 1800 individuals only. Limited slots have made this program more enticing among businessmen and investor looking into building their enterprise in Malta and other countries under the European Union.

Those who are dead-set on being the new residents of Malta, and who will share in improving its economy and foster development, should submit their application as soon as possible. Immediate processing and payment of fees will guarantee easier approval of citizenship, and faster transition of investors and respective families to Malta.

Attraction is indeed a crucial element at the onset of a relationship. It begins with going out to dinners, watching movies, and having fun together. However, physical attraction doesn’t hold much bearing if you want to build an enduring bond with your significant other. The elements of compatibility and chemistry come into play if you want to count months, years, or forever with your partner.

If you are in a budding romance with a hot hunk or a gorgeous chic, and you desire for the heat and passion to endure a lifetime, here are tried-and-tested relationship secrets that you may want to follow:

  • Love Yourself

Being in a relationship doesn’t bail you out from giving yourself love and attention. In fact, those who seek relationship in order for them to feel loved end up with many insecurities which ultimately result in problems, or worse, premature breakups.  Once you have built self-esteem and confidence in yourself, it will be easier for you to invest time and effort to yet another individual.

  • Never Stop Being Nice

You may have had a long, tiring day at work or it may seem the world is on your shoulders. But these aren’t valid reasons for you to be tactless, careless, and rude around your partner. Let’s be honest here. If you were sharing an apartment with your best friend, you would still showcase respect and act nice despite having a very bad day. Show your partner the same amount of respect and courtesy even when you feel like the Universe is conspiring against you.

Never forget to show civility towards your partner. This rule applies even when you are in the middle of a heated argument or fight. Nothing is more destructive than showcasing rudeness and inconsiderate behavior between two people who are supposed to be in love with each other.

  • Full Acceptance of your Significant Other

You cannot change your partner. “She talks a lot.” “He snores loudly.” “She just doesn’t listen to me.” These things are not something that you can just ask your partner to “turn off” right away. It will take a lot more than telling them off, as qualities, habits, or characteristics are hard to break or stop altogether. Nobody is perfect, which means that your partner may have a set of things that she doesn’t like about you. Be more forgiving, especially if perceived undesirable things are harmless and not a major detriment to your relationship. Learn how to compromise. This will be the first step for both of you two understand each other’s quirks, shortcomings, and flaws. Never try to change your partner. Not only is this an impossible feat, but is an activity that will surely create a break in your relationship.

  • Don’t Keep an Argument Hanging

No matter how in love you are with each other, your viewpoints and ideals will clash from time to time. Discussion and a little bit of argument spice up your bond, but only if they are resolved right away. Communication is key to a successful and lasting relationship. Don’t expect for your bond to flourish or last too long if all you do is start arguments, and keep them hanging in the air after. Worst case scenario is that of these quarrels and fights pour on both of you and serve you the nastiest, most heart breaking of breaks ups there is.

For more information on how to keep your partner loved, satisfied, and contented, Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box is just a click away!

The exercise bike is the most popular piece of fitness equipment that we purchase for home use. Its compact size and its ability to transform its user from a huge blob of fat to a leaner physique has been tried and tested for decades. It is also due to these qualities that exercise bikes deliver undeniable value for hard-earned cash.

If you are one of the millions of people looking into introducing an exercise bike in the home setting, you will need to realize its benefits as well as criteria you need to check out before purchasing one from the sporting goods store.

The best exercise bike need not be expensive, but should feature quality materials and user-friendliness too. A reliable manufacturer of exercise bike is also a priority as those made by unknown brands gets damaged after a few uses, and may even pose as dangerous among its users.

Advantages of Using Exercise Bikes

  • No learning curve

If you know how to ride a bicycle, then you will find an exercise bike a piece of cake. As the name implies, this exercise equipment looks like that of a traditional bike. The only difference is that an exercise bike is stationary, with controls that regulate speed and resistance among many others. Even those who do not know how to bike will find the exercise relatively easy to use too.

  • Excellent cardiovascular workout machine

If you are looking into losing all those extra pounds, the only way to achieve this is by cardiovascular exercises. If you cannot tolerate walking or running for an extended number of hours as cardio, you may want to consider using an exercise bike instead. Depending on the workout mode, an exercise bike can make you lose the same amount of calories as that of using an elliptical trainer or treadmill.

  • Cardiovascular benefits

Using the exercise bike for thirty minutes or more has been shown to improve cardiovascular health too. Those who want to stay healthy need to include the use of an exercise bike regularly to fend off not only heart diseases, but other conditions such as diabetes, stroke,  and high bad cholesterol levels to name a few.

  • Weight loss

You can lose all the unwanted weight in a few weeks or a few months simply by using the best exercise bike in the market today. By keeping the heart rate up and the the metabolic processes are improved. In addition, thermogenesis as a result of increased heart rate melts down stored fat, thus facilitating significant weight loss.

  • Ideal for people with knee and back injury

Exercise bikes provide the perfect low-impact workout routine for people with knee, joints, and back problems. The best upright exercise bikes feature cushioned sheets that make it easy for users to exercise for extended periods.  People who are prone to developing back problems may use recumbent exercise bikes that feature back supports for efficient, but safe cardiovascular workouts.

If you are really interested in looking for a Russian woman that you may date and one day become married to, you should know that the World Wide Web offers you with countless of opportunities to do so. There are a plethora of websites dating and bride websites that you can check out and register with, all of which claim to be the best site for you to find the woman of your dreams. Before you go ahead and sign up to each one of them, it is crucial that you first learn more of what you can do so that you do not end up wasting time, money, and effort.

So to help you out, here is a brief guide on what you can actually do when you begin your search for a Russian bride on such websites so that you can spare yourself from a wasted time, effort, and heartaches.

Don’t Bother with Someone Who Keeps on Sending you Vague Responses

So you have become really interested in this Russian woman on a bride site. The two of you begin sending each other with messages. However, you notice that she keeps on responding to you vaguely, even if your questions are really specific. While there is no problem about being vague with a first reply, the following responses should at least be a bit more detailed than the last. If this happens more than once, you should already realize that the woman you are chatting with may just be replying out of courtesy and is not really interested in you.

Talking Via Voice or Video Call Can Help You Gauge a Woman’s Sincerity

In almost all cases, being able to speak with someone via a phone or video call can actually help you gauge her sincerity. So if you and the Russian woman appears to have a connection and she is showing signs that she would like to meet with you, give her a call. Just hearing her voice will already give you more insight on her personality and traits. In addition, this will also help you determine her English proficiency, which many often tend to exaggerate.

Don’t Expect the First Woman You Meet to be “The One”

It is extremely crucial for you not to expect a lot from the first Russian woman that you will meet. This is especially true if you have plans of travelling to her home country just so you can meet her in person. If this is already in your plans, it is definitely a good idea to set up a meet with the other Russian women you have been in contact with for quite some time now. This way, in the event that the first one does not work out, you still have several dates to prepare for.

If you wish to know more about dating Russian women who can potentially be your wife, then make sure that you head to this website now: Here you will find a great number of honest and genuine Russian brides who are looking for the same thing you are – romance, love, and long lasting commitment.

Book of Ra is no doubt one of the most popular slot machine game titles in the casino industry. It is played literally millions of times every day by casino gamers from all over the world. With it being so popular, it should already go without saying that you will find dozens and dozens of online casinos offering individuals the chance to play Book of Ra online. You can Book of Ra online spielen at any of these websites, but you should know that it is not guaranteed all of them will provide you with the best gaming experience.

This is where the website of Stargames comes into play. When you Book of Ra spielen at Stargames, you will be able to enjoy many different benefits that you will otherwise be unable to with other online casinos. So if you really want to have the best time whenever you play Book of Ra, it is highly recommended that you choose this website as your gaming platform. If you still need more reasons though, take a look at the following benefits of doing so:

Play the Game (Plus Many Others) For Free

When you play Book of Ra online via Stargames, you will be able to access it absolutely for free. You do not have to spend money right away on Book of Ra just to begin familiarizing yourself with the game play, its components, and its features. The fact that you can Book of Ra online spielen at no cost will give you the chance to learn more about the game and come up with strategies that you can use in the event that you would like to start betting with real money.

Get Access to both the Classic and the Deluxe Versions

You should also know that this particular online casino offers both the Book of Ra Classic version and the Book of Ra Deluxe version. Again, both of these game versions are for free, and you can enjoy them all you want when you Book of Ra spielen through Stargames website.

You Can Play With Real Money

Book of Ra Stargames players are also given the chance to bet with real money and transform their playing sessions into profit making opportunities. There are only a few websites that allow players from all over the world to play Book of Ra using real cash, and this particular casino is one of those that you definitely can trust and rely on.

Be At Ease Knowing that You are On a Secure Website

Last, but not the least, is the fact that if you play the casino game Book of Ra Novoline has developed through this website, you can rest assure that you are safe and secure. Every piece of information that you will provide to start playing the Novoline Book of Ra slot machine will be confidential. The website also makes use of the latest in web security technologies, ensuring that each gamer plays safely and securely.

These are just some of the many other reasons why you should head to Stargames if you want to play Book of Ra. So if you really want to make the most out of your gaming sessions, Book of Ra bei Stargames now.